Bluetooth Wireless Button Pusher

Bluetooth Wireless Button Pusher


Introducing the Smart Wireless Button Pusher – control everyday tasks without lifting a finger! Activate lights, appliances, and more from a distance with this versatile device. It’s wireless, works with various buttons, and has a 30m range. Enjoy effortless control anywhere in your home.

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Introducing the Smart Wireless Button Pusher – Control Without Ever Lifting a Finger!

Introducing the Smart Wireless Button Pusher – a revolutionary device that makes controlling everyday tasks from a distance easier than ever before. Now you can control any device with the press of a button – without ever having to lift a finger!

This versatile tool allows you to remotely activate anything from lights, to electronic appliances, to doors and gates. It works on most types of buttons, switches and other devices with low electrical current. So no matter what kind of button-activated device you’re using, this device is sure to make your life easier.

The best part? It even works wirelessly! With its built-in Bluetooth connection and rechargeable battery, it can be used up to 30m away from its base station. This means you can operate your devices from anywhere in the house – just press the button and watch as it does its job for you.

Make every day tasks easier with our Smart Wireless Button Pusher – now everyone can enjoy the convenience of control without lifting a finger!




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Weight 0.06 kg
Dimensions 75 × 75 × 65 cm