The Skylight is a touch-screen digital photo frame you can update by email from anywhere

The New Skylight Digital Photo Frame, Great Gift Idea Staying in touch with loved ones is important, especially for those that are miles apart. The next generation of digital photo frames, the Skylight, makes staying in touch easy. With all the digital images that are exchanged via email, Facebook, Instagram and others, it’s easy to […]

Off the Grid Book

If you are searching for ideas for your personal escape home placed in one of the world’s most charming spots, this book is for you. Innovation in concepts and home-generated alternative energy have made building off of the city and rural establishments more efficient, inexpensive and attractive than ever before. Off the Grid offers spectacular […]

Decade Planner Calendar

Want to start a business? Track your performance? Or plan everything ahead of you? If you do, have a look at Workhow’s long term wall calendar. It is a sizable and tough calendar for 2019-2028 in a scroll format. Additionally, you can view 24 months at a time if you desire. You can use it […]

Magic Pet Hair Catcher for Your Washing Machine

If you are a pet owner, each and every time you wash your garments or bedsheets, the edge of your washing-machine is covered with wet dog fur you need to brush off every time. Now there is a distinctive lovely lint and hair catcher that you can put into the washing-machine with each load, and […]

Wood Burning Hot Tub – Uses a Small Fire to Heat Water

Tired of spending money every month to run a hot tub you hardly utilize? The Wood Burning Hot Tub is so easy to use, simply turn on the hose and load the tub, apply two sticks to create a fire, and you will have yourself an all natural hot tub that is simply run by […]

GLOW Full-Surface LED Sneakers

  GLOW sneakers take snazzy shoes to the next step with a grid of LEDs overlaying the full exterior of their uppers. It is possible to set the lights to one of 6 different colors or have them off and rock their simple bright white. When off, GLOW sneakers offer a trendy sporty style shoe appearance. […]

Cat Camp – Mini Camping Tent for Your Cat

Cat Camp is a mini tent specifically built for your lovely cats. Providing them with hand-crafted comfortable tents where they can hide and take a nap. It looks like an actual tent reduced in size to perfectly fit them and makes it a cool new hideout. Made with durable materials which can endure scratches and […]

Keeper Package Lock

Worried about missing packages? Keeper Package Lock will give an electronic arm to your containers with a hinged, hung or sliding door to hold your packages while you’re away. It allows you to control when to open or lock the container. Couriers can close it using the large button, or do it yourself remotely. Additionally, it supports Amazon Alexa […]

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