Futuristic Camping Pods

Futuristic Camping Pods 2

Fabian Mazzola of Bitlens Studios, a global advertising company, have teamed up to produce an advanced camping pod … [More...]

Gourmet Burger Knife

Gourmet Burger Knife 2

The knife can slice through the loaded burgers quickly and features an exceptional blade shape that is curved at the … [More...]

Nakefit Stick-on Shoe

Nakefit Stick-on Shoe 2

These hypoallergenic adhesive pads let you walk wherever you want without needing to put on shoes. Whether you are on … [More...]

The Backtab

The Backtab 7

The Backtab is a comfortable backrest meant to be with you wherever you decide to go. Its compactness and weight are … [More...]

NASA Mars Rover Concept

NASA Mars Rover Concept

NASA shows off a concept for a polished, ultramodern Mars Rover. It offers a gleaming black body and massive wheels. The … [More...]