Water-Powered Star Wars Hoverbike


Devin Super Tramp has modified the Jetovator water-powered bikes to produce the vintage speeder bicycle pursuit scene from Star Wars Episode VI. The … [More...]

Beer Pong Darts


Just as you assumed beer pong could not get any better, Oche Pong arrives and changes the game. Oche Pong Beer Pong Dart … [More...]

Skid Wooden Chef Knife


Lignum’s Skid, known as the very first wooden chef knife, will totally change the way you cook food at home. It's … [More...]

Sevenhugs Smart Remote


Sevenhugs Smart Remote is the best way to greatly reduce chaos and live a far more efficient way of living. The Smart … [More...]

Onewheel Plus


The Onewheel Plus didn't re-invent the wheel but does pack a few revolutionary features. While this new version features … [More...]

Powerray Fishing Drone


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LUhPl-6X-H0 PowerRay is an underwater drone that tracks, photographs, and also … [More...]

Jet Engine Ceiling Fan


If you wish to make a statement with regards to the ventilation in your home, you are not gonna do anything that … [More...]

Slicer All Season Sled


The Slicer All-Season Sled operates exactly like a typical sled on snow, you use it on grass! Rather than putting the … [More...]

5.11 Operator Axe


The manufacturer 5.11 concentrates on specialized tactical items and add-ons and now they are proud to offer their … [More...]