YeCup Smart Mug Turn Your Drink Hot or Cold

YeCup Smart Mug 1Made for both hot and cold liquid refreshments, the new YeCup Smart Mug 365 from Armenian business Yecup Technologies is said to get your drink to the perfect temperature and ensure that it stays there for several hours. It warms up your coffee or green tea from lukewarm to hot and cools your current drinking water or Gatorade from room temperature to perfectly iced up. Beyond drink benefit, it may also charge your mobile phone or tablet. The YeCup will fill the need for a true “smart” travel mug.

YeCup Smart Mug 3

Yecup’s dynamic heating and cooling gives it a leg up on thermal mugs developed solely for hot drinks. The company claims that the mug can warm drinks as much as 158° F (70° C) and chill them to 50° F (10° C).

Yecup’s double-layer metallic mug links to your smartphone through Bluetooth, exactly where the Yecup app enables you to regulate the temperature of the beverage with an easy press of a button. The thermoelectric temperature control system then delivers it to the preferred temperature, and the mug alerts you with its gleaming logo and a smartphone notification. The mug retains it at that temperature all day so that you can savor at your leisure.

YeCup Smart Mug 2

YeCup Smart Mug 4


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