Wood Burning Hot Tub – Uses a Small Fire to Heat Water

Tired of spending money every month to run a hot tub you hardly utilize? The Wood Burning Hot Tub is so easy to use, simply turn on the hose and load the tub, apply two sticks to create a fire, and you will have yourself an all natural hot tub that is simply run by a small fire.

The manner it works is the fire is attached to the tub with metal coils that drive the water through the pipes and around the cable basket where the fire is kept. The tub comes with a stainless steel windscreen that will keep you safe from the flames while you are relaxing in the hot tub.

The wood burning hot tub also features a clear top cover to cover the tub when not being used which has stainless handles, does not require to be linked into power or linked to any drain, and it has a countertop to set your beverages on.



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