Wicked Big Pong Supersized Lawn Game – Basically Giant Beer Pong


The Wicked Big Pong is a supersized form of beer pong. It allows you to play the typical drinking game on a sizable scale without the drinking part. Doing this, you can convert the erstwhile tabletop drinking match into a health-enhancing lawn game even young children can take part in.

Instead of the table tennis balls and red solo cups of conventional beer pong, it comes with two-foot tall buckets, where you make an effort to shoot an inflatable ball. Given that drinking isn’t associated, we are unsure what your competitor is going to do as you do shoot a ball into the bucket, but we assume you can turn that into other things.

Created as a recreational activity, you can bring to the local park for fun with friends and family; the whole game can crumble into a holding box that measures 17 inches in diameter. It is extremely handy to carry since you can flatten the buckets and deflate the balls. Do note, given that the cups are so lightweight, they could be tipped down by wind when actively playing outdoors. All game features six weighted bean sacks that you can put inside the buckets to make sure they stay standing all throughout a game.



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