Waterproof Wearable GoPro Remote And Monitor That’s Perfect for All Watersports

The Removu R1+ is a wrist-worn remote with a built-in screen. The device lets you watch live footage from the GoPro and manage its operation as it sits on your headgear, handlebar, or other sorts of mounting site. You know, much like putting on a mobile phone on your wrist. Apart from, of course, this is offered in a waterproof shell, letting you take it as you film your kayaking, hiking, or scuba diving adventure without jeopardizing water damage.

The Removu R1+ possesses a 2-inch LCD screen with 432 x 240 resolution, offering you a reasonably-sized screen for viewing the live feed without causing a burden on your wrist the way a new smartphone would. It will pair instantly with the GoPro over Wi-Fi, too, so there’s no reason to use a smartphone app, letting you leave the mobile phone in the vehicle while you get soaked and filthy out in the wild. More than the viewing display, it is additionally a remote, enabling you to start and stop the documenting wherever you are, filled with a self-timer functionality that delays the shutter launch, to help you be in the frame of the shot before the record starts.

Need to look at all the footage recently saved on the GoPro’s memory card? It provides that, too, to help you playback any video recording to check if you’ve obtained the shot you desired. Whether it’s a particular photo or video footage, it is possible to quickly confirm post-action to find out if you have to reshoot that site.



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