U-Safe: Remote Controlled Lifesaving Buoy

U-Safe is a life-saving buoy that can steer itself around in the water by handheld remote control, which means it can get to a victim instantly, and carry them to safety if necessary. The U-shaped U-safe is a battery-powered system you can use instead of any lifesaving “donut”. Once it is thrown in the water, it pushes itself using a set of electric turbines that soak up water and shoots it out.

A remote control thumbstick offers an operator the capacity to send it as a compact watercraft – and it is quite cool as it makes its way across the water. it seems like the quickest way we can think about to get a piece of lifesaving tool out to a troubled person in the water, especially in the challenging surf.

When a victim has been reached, the device carries enough power to guide them back toward safety – which will make it very reliable on large vessels that might have to release a rescue boat otherwise.

Patent filings describe potential upcoming iterations that will charge themselves via solar power, or perhaps that might instantly self-deploy as well as self-drive to the area of a crew member who’s vanished overboard with an exceptional GPS locating system.

Other concepts include a bigger model with a seat that might be used for sporting purposes and another that may also be employed for surveillance uses.


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