Trtl Pillow Plus Wraparound Neck Pillow

Similar to other travel pillows, this one is made to wear around the neck, letting you nod off comfortably, so you can rise up from your sleep with no pain on your neck. In contrast to others, it is height-adjustable, letting you modify it to the specific length of your neck, making sure it creates a smooth fit among short and tall individuals alike.

It is a wraparound neck pillow that comes with interior neck support that broadens and contracts to allow the exclusive vertical modification. Just switch the toggles on the siding to make it taller or shorter, with all the toggles changing different areas of the support. It has 80 possible setting combinations, which makes it easy to modify the fit to anyone’s precise requirements. That same semi-rigid inner support, actually, will keep your neck and head in a comfortable posture the whole time, letting it reduce the muscle stress on the neck, regardless of how long you’ve been trapped in that airplane chair.




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