Triptarp Visual Organizer To Help You Pack for Camping

Triptarp Visual Organizer 1

Triptarp Visual Organizer is a printed tarp that splits the one part of the tarp in 9 segments – a list of suggested accessories on the left and 8 different sections for various categories of tools. The concept is to set down each gear you intend to bring on its specified group, so that you can see everything you are stuffing visually, all by using the list on the left as a guide.

The TripTarp is about 5 x 7 feet, in order to fit a complete load of items on its surface area, all while working as a simple tarp for protecting you from sunlight and rain at base camp. It features 4 corner tie downs and 4 edge grommets to provide you with alternatives in pitching it throughout camping, to help you use it as a protection from the elements, an emergency refuge, or a hammock cover, determined by what you need. Framework is light in weight and weatherproof 70D ripstop nylon.

Triptarp Visual Organizer 2

Triptarp Visual Organizer 3


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