Traft Tent Packraft – Raft and Tent Combo That You Must See to Beleive

Traft Tent Packraft 1

Packrafts are compact, fairly lightweight, inflatable boats there commonly used by backpackers journeying isolated areas both on foot and by water. They possess the distinctive potential to pack down to a tiny footprint and can be transported in a backpack such time you access a river or lake. After that, they can easily be inflated to be used on the water. The Traft is intended around that idea, with one crucial addition: It offers an integrated tent as well.

The tent has been produced to work as a cheap component to the raft and can be applied or detached as required. When available, it offers UV protection, wind, and rain during the day, always keeping the paddler comfy while out on the water. However, on extended packrafting adventures, it can be utilized as a refuge to sleep in too. Just pull the raft towards the coast put a mat to the inner area, and you have an outdoor camping tent filled with an inflatable mattress. The camping tent can even be detached while on land and work as a shelter entirely independently of the raft.

Traft Tent Packraft 2

Traft Tent Packraft 3


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