Tombot Realistic Robot Dog

The Tombot Realistic Robot Dog is easily the most reasonable robotic emotional support animal. It seems like a real puppy, with its furry figure, flappy ears, and adorable face. Significantly, the one thing that gives it away is the fact that the dog’s expressions don’t actually change in radical ways, but all the rest about its look is really sufficient to persuade you that it’s a puppy dog.

The Tombot attains its amazing overall look is due to the cutting-edge systems, materials, and animatronic methods to create an erstwhile robot feel and look like a real dog. It copies not just the appearance of an actual dog, but its actions, too, from snuggling up and looking to get your attention to wagging the tail after being cuddled etc. Yes, it has touch receptors throughout the body that enables it to identify when it’s being fondled, so it can react suitably once you give it hugs, run your hand down its body and pet its head. It can respond to your command as well!



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