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The Top 10 Gadgets for Dogs

They say you can choose your friends but not your family, well frankly that isn’t always true because you do choose your pets and to most of us they are family. Of all the things we bring into our homes a family pet is the one that really gets into our hearts and if we lose them we are as distraught as if a family member has been lost. This is why we spend hundreds of dollars on gadgets to entertain and protect our beloved fur family members. There is a whole host of pet friendly gadgets on the market right now and here are 10 of the very best which you may want to consider.

1. Tagg Pet Tracker

We have to start with the most important gadget, the one that helps us keep tabs on our beloved pets. The Tagg GPS Pet Tracker is exactly what you think it is, it’s a tracking collar that your pet can wear and that will tell you exactly where they are. Using GPS technology you can be notified if your pet leaves a certain home area and can then track them down. This product links up to a smartphone app and features a hard wearing rechargeable tracking sensor in a collar. There is nothing worse than when a pet goes missing and time can often be of the essence in finding them.

2. Fitbark

2-FitbarkThe health of our pets, just as any member of the family, is important to us, in fact in some ways it’s more important. Our pets cannot tell us when they feel ill so we have to watch for cues such as inactivity, which is one of things the Fitbark monitors. This clever collar based gadget tracks how much your pet moves which not only tells you how much exercise they are getting but also if they have become lethargic. Using the related app you can set exercise goals for your pet and plan their eating schedule as well. Basically this gadget is about keeping your animal fit and healthy.

3. Halo Mini

This little gadget is simplicity itself and is intended to keep your pet visible after dark. This LED dog collar lights up using a series of LEDs that flash to make both you and your pet easily seen in low light conditions. A single battery charge lasts 75 hours and it can be worn in the rain safely although it is not meant for being submerged so no pond fun while wearing this.

4. Dart Automatic Pet Laser Toy

If you are a cat owner you know how nuts they will go for a laser dot, it’s hilarious. This taps into their natural predatory instincts and they will often chase a laser dot for as long as you can be bothered to play with it. The Dart Automatic then is a automated version of the laser toy that allows you to set it up and let your cat have fun without any work from you. You merely attach this to a high point in the room and start the device. It will then run through one of several automated pre-timed set ups so your cat can chase the laser dot. It’s a great gadget for when you just want 20 minutes without Felix bugging you for something.

5. Petcube

pet-cube-pet-cameraSome of us find it hard being away from our pets and we feel guilty if we have to leave them alone for extended periods. The Petcube​ then is the perfect thing for you because you can set this gadget on a table top and use it to communicate with and interact with your pet while you are out of the house. This gadget is controlled via your smartphone and allows you to see, hear and talk to your pet. You can also activate a laser pointer so that you can play with your pet as well, frankly it’s a great way to spend your lunch break, who needs food anyway?

6. Power Pet Automatic Pet Door

Dogs and sometimes cats have to go outside several times a day and this means one of two things, either you have to let them out or they go through a pet door. The problem with the latter of those options is that sometimes a pet door will allow other critters or strays to get in. This particular electronic pet door however is controlled by a sensor in your pet’s collar so it will only open for them. This then means that if your house trained dog needs out when you’re asleep or not home then they can go out and get back in. It is a clever gadget that can tell if your pet is waiting to enter or merely strolling past.

7. Godoggo Fetch Machine


Cats love laser pointers, dogs not so much. You see your pooch often loves that special fetch game which is fun for you as well but you will get tired of it way before they do. This then is why you could get Godoggo and then of course teach your dog to use it. Basically you place a ball into the machine and it launches it so your dog can chase and retrieve it. You merely set the distance of the throw and then anytime your dog feels like chasing they just drop the ball in the basket and the machine will do the rest.This does come with the safety feature that if your dog is standing right in front of the launcher it will not throw. This is good because, let’s be honest, as much as we love our dogs they can be real dummies sometimes.

8. Pintofeed


So you have an automated toy to keep them busy, a smart pet door so they can do their business, but what about feeding your pet if you are not home? Well there is a gadget for that in the form of the Pintofeed. This is an automatic food dispenser which can be set to feed your pet as needed. It is a WiFi enabled device which not only releases food but monitors if your pet ate the food or not. Like all things these days it can be smartphone controlled and features a whole host of other cool monitors.

9. Whistle


This is another pet health tracker which can monitor and store data on the amount of exercise your pet gets. It can track walks, play and rest periods and develop data on your pet’s general activity trends. Whistle​ can then translate as a monitor to track sudden dips in activity. Not only will this info be stored on your smartphone app but it can also be downloaded to your vet who can use this info to help diagnose your pet.

10. Go-Go Dog Pals

Fetch is fun but it can get tedious whereas playing with a radio controlled car is super fun but if your dog gets it, then it’s toast. Well assuming it’s not the Go-Go Dog Pal which is an RC gadget built to be chased and attacked by dogs. This hard wearing device can hit 22 mph and take a mauling from your pooch thanks to its durable outer cover. You can drive this RC vehicle around and let your dog chase it although sadly it only has a 15 minute battery life until it needs a recharge.


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