Lifestraw Universal

Water filtering kits have become increasingly popular, but what makes the LifeStraw Universal ahead of its rivals is that it’s a kit that you can add on to the water container or flask that you currently own. This filter adapts to almost all of the water bottle models out there and includes a filtering kit […]

LifeStraw Universal Let You Purify Water In Your Water Bottle

Due to the fact it became abundant many years ago, LifeStraw’s smart filtration system has become popular among outdoor enthusiasts, survivalists, along with other people who depend on it to obtain their fill of potable drinking water wherever they find themselves. It is a real lifesaver. The drawback is, you needed to get down on […]

MSR Trailshot Pocket-Sized Water Filter

MSR’s Trailshot is a water filter that fits easily in your pocket which makes it a perfect tool for your adventures in the wild or backcountry. Created for trail runners, trekkers, and other explorers looking to pack light, the rig weighs just 5 oz, making sure you can keep it in any kind of pocket […]

Steel Lifestraw Survival Water Filter

The award-winning Lifestraw Steel water filter was designed to make sure that wherever you are at the outdoors, you’ll manage to get life´s most vital ingredient: water. With a dual steel container and created like a fat straw with a unique 2-stage filtering procedure, it offers an initiated carbon capsule which can eliminate microorganisms, protozoa […]

Soma Water Filter

The modern times always offer us bright new ideas and developments that makes our much easier. Common objects are reinvented in a wise and refined methods to enhance quality. This is exactly why the limited edition water filter is essential for every single household. The durable glass carafe had been meticulously blown in Germany to […]

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