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Vertex Double Hammock Tent

Clark Outdoor’s the Vertex is the only light and portable camping hammock that rests 2 people conveniently. It offers two hammock cribs that hang separately while enabling the people to share the same camping tent. The two bed holds up around 700 pounds and lets you maneuver all you want without bothering the other occupant. […]

Tepui SkyCamp – Set Up Rooftop Tents Without a Car

Tepui SkyCamp is a framework designed to keep one tent on top. It allows you to install a rooftop tent without a vehicle around. It is perfect if you want to install a shelter in the yard for “glamping” with the children or perhaps, you are a vineyard operator who wants to build an inexpensive […]

E-Z Up Camping Cube

  The new E-Z Up Camping Cube is a family-sized camping tent intended for the outfit’s pop-up shelters. It primarily relies on the canopy to work as the tent’s roofing and rainfly. Similar to the Instant Shelter, it can set up immediately, letting you pitch a vast and roomy tent in a few minutes To […]

Two-Person Tent Design Concept

Canadian designer Dave Delisle of Dave’s Geeky Ideas produced an amazing 2-person tent model concept influenced by a Federation aircraft from Star Trek. It is a two-man tent layout that has an opening at the rear (the same as the exact shuttlecraft). The camping tent stores in a hauling case that divides apart to turn […]


The latest Skycamp Rooftop Tent is amongst Kickstarter´s most successful products and is currently available for purchase. Skycamp might be mistaken for a hard-shell rooftop vehicle carrier at first sight. However, it is an upgradable hard-shell roofing tent that fits a group of two adults and two kids, and requires only under a minute to […]

The Crua Hybrid Tent / Hammock: A Four Outdoor Essentials in One

Being outdoors has always been an enjoyable experience, and being prepared with the right equipment is important to enjoy the moment and avoid problems. Relax and have fun without worrying about where to sleep with The Crua Hybrid Tent/Hammock. Face your adventures with confidence as Crua Hybrid accompany you in every situation you may face. […]

The TreePod Camper

TreePod Camper is the next generation hanging treehouse that holds up to a combined weight of 500 pounds. It’s an all-new suspended tent that hangs campers from the ground for an offbeat experience. Designed with two separated access doors making entry and exit more convenient and an optional mesh divider to assure some privacy to […]

The No Bake Tent

For individuals who know about desert camping, the day-to-day wake n’ bake has a whole distinct meaning. The place has a relentless sun, almost no shade and instantly, as the sun rears its light rays over the horizon, the tent starts to considerably warm up because of infrared rays piercing the thin walls. Fortunately, the […]