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Columbia Survival Tags

If you are put in a new environment wherein you must adapt immediately to survive, you need reliable survival tools. Columbia, the formidable brand for Outdoor Sportswear and gear, inspired to offer their customers maximum satisfaction and excitement. Therefore, they created Columbia Survival Tags. These tags are sold bundled with Columbia products. Yet, comes with a twist. In each […]

Bush Pilot Survival Kit

Survival kits have become popular because of the Zombie Apocalypse movies and TV series that make us fear the zombie apocalypse.  However, they are not just purely for doomsday preppers, survival gear is extremely necessary for outdoor lovers and adventure seekers. Skinner Sights, a company focused on designing and improving survival, has added a Chiappa lever […]

Motoped – Zombie Survival Bike

Worried that the zombie apocalypse will come true soon? Well, the Motoped crew have been preparing for it and decided to help you get ready for the worst with their Motoped Survival Bike, the Black Ops Edition. This Zombie Survival Bike was developed for doomsday – it’s meant for serious business. The motor unit remains […]

Top 10 Camping Gadgets

This particular blog post is devoted to the diligent tech nerd who also has a desire for sweet nature. In case you are into camping with your loved ones, traveling the great outdoors, hiking hills or mountains and even take pleasure in the sounds of nature while having gadgets nearby, there are solutions right here […]