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Worst Case Survival Kit

The Worst Case is a TSA-safe survival kit loaded full of items with everything you need to survive a disastrous situation. The lifesaver kit contains items such as a shelter, water purification, various ways to make fire, fishing kit, 1st aid, mini saw, compass, Rite-In-The-Rain paper and pencil, needle, can opener, 550 paracord, tweezers, glue […]

Seventy2 Survival Kit Backpack Will Keep You Alive For Those Crucial First 72 Hours

Created to help you survive the first 72 hours of any disaster, Seventy2 Survival Kit brings together over 30 carefully-curated equipment and items, including easy-to-understand guides. All the products are structured by need, making sure you can get to them in an effortless and slick way. The Uncharted Seventy2 begins with a rolltop backpack to […]

Bush Pilot Survival Kit

Survival kits have become popular because of the Zombie Apocalypse movies and TV series that make us fear the zombie apocalypse.  However, they are not just purely for doomsday preppers, survival gear is extremely necessary for outdoor lovers and adventure seekers. Skinner Sights, a company focused on designing and improving survival, has added a Chiappa lever […]

AARMED Survival Kit

Imagine this: all of a sudden, and totally without notice, the world encounters a total blackout – absolutely no electrical power, no mobile devices,  no internet, no Television, no disaster expert services. Practically nothing. Or perhaps you’re simply a camper who gets lost in the wild or stranded in the middle of an empty island […]

Gerber Zombie Apocalypse Survival Blades

Imagine if our worst fears are fulfilled. In the event that the Dead actually start walking, the existence of the humans will become a day-to-day battle. Are you ready to guard and protect your loved ones? Are you ready to fight for every inch, for every breath you take? The best chance you have depends […]

Jackfish Survival Credit Card Holder

If you are searching for an urban survival product that you may bring in your wallet, the Jackfish Survival credit card case can be the best accessory for your set of everyday devices. The Jackfish Survival Credit Card Holder provides a custom made survival tool kit that features a compass, match, mini USB flash drive, screwdrivers, knife, […]

The Walking Dead Survival Kit

The Zombie Apocalypse is about to come. It is difficult to survive without the necessary things you need. To be ready, equip yourself with The Walking Dead survival kit. It’s an all-in-one kit packed with the things you need like first aid kit, glow sticks and a compass. It is not made solely for the […]

First 24 Survival Kit by Taurus

You may look at doomsday preppers and think those people are nuts and paranoid. Well, maybe they are, but if we think there is no need to prepare for danger then we are the crazy ones. Okay, you probably don’t need an underground bunker with an arsenal of weapons but a small survival pack can […]