Jetfoiler Motorized Hydrofoil Surfboard

The Jetfoiler¬†has set up the electric motor into the hydrofoil rather than into the deck, enabling the board to keep you cruising the waters while floating a few inches off the surface. While cruising, it works just like any traditional motorized surfboard, except once you reach a particular speed, all you have to to do […]

Lampuga Air – Inflatable Surfboard with Electric Motor

Adding a motor on your surfboard might be a good option for a fun-filled surfing. Lampuga Air is an electric inflatable surfboard that will give you more speed and control. You can ride it in a variety of positions, like kneeling, lying flat or standing up, just hold tightly on the handlebar accelerator throttle to […]

Lampuga Boost Electric Surfboard

The Lampuga Boost Electric Surfboard is quiet, efficient, agile, and lightweight because of its carbon fiber framework. It is maintenance free so it is great for keeping on the the yacht or recreational use. The lithium-ion electric batteries also eradicate the need to bring fuel onboard. Branded as the Lampuga Boost, this electric surfboard will […]

Electric Motorized Surfboard

Are you far from the the great surfing beaches or your does beach lack¬†huge waves? You can now enjoy surfing without the need for waves with the Onean motorized surfboard. Enjoy a legendary surf moment not only in the ocean but in rivers and lakes where there no waves at all. This electric powered power-driven […]

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