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The fantastic luxury Black Swan Superyacht by creator Timur Bozca is here to intrigue individuals who have an eye for style, high-class, technological innovation and love for exploring by sea. The ‘concept’ yacht has been manufactured with revolutionary technology to provide its owner a superior experience in journeying. Extreme ‘Black Swan’ boat offers concealed balconies, […]

Shaddai Mega Yacht

An Italian developer has created an intense concept that is designed to bring superyachts to groundbreaking heights.  The Shaddai Mega Yacht is termed after a Hebrew word which means God or omnipotent, which you will definitely feel as you stay in the owner’s cabin infinity swimming pool 125 feet in mid-air. Down below this exclusive […]

Kilkea Superyacht

Most of the yachts are created to sail on peaceful waters of the Caribbean or even the Mediterranean. The Kilkea Superyacht is made to set off to any place you want. In accordance with a supply vessel platform, that it measures almost 270 ft in length with a single 59-foot beam, and comes with the […]

Silver Fast Superyacht

Silver Fast is considered the most innovative long-range, top speed, aluminium superyacht created to date. Visualize a go-anywhere vessel having the ability to achieve a maximum speed of 29 knots and bring 18 people in eight rooms luxuriously throughout 6000 nautical miles. The accommodations onboard the Silver Fast yacht is similar to a luxury apartment with […]