Room One Surface Curved Wood Speaker Is Made Of Nothing But Transducers And Slab Of Oak

Room One Surface Curved Wood Speaker looks more like a classy wooden sculpture or wall accessory than a speaker mounted on a wall. It is like a skateboard deck or a substantial wooden Frisbee. Nevertheless, it is fitted to pump out all of your songs like any speaker you own around the house. The device is […]

Sonos One Speaker Now Comes With Amazon Alexa Assistant

The Sonos One features similar sound style as the Play:1 for you to enjoy a high-quality audio experience. It promises a much better quality than the existing speakers with smart “assistants” in the market today. The manufacturers preferred using as its intelligent assistant than creating their own. Meaning, you can use Alexa voice control to […]

Donut-Shaped AeroTwist Bluetooth Speaker

In terms of the world of Bluetooth audio speakers, the range is not precisely novel due to their wireless features. Nonetheless, aside the technological qualifications, it is the appearance and design that usually excites us. Which is precisely the scenario with the above shown , that is remarkably in the shape of a donut. Created by […]

Floating Orb Bluetooth Speaker

It is hard to find an item so gorgeous and yet so practical in features and form component that matches the fast-changing way of life. The ICE Orb Levitating Speaker is certainly one such gorgeous Floating Bluetooth Speaker which contradicts and challenges the traditional ways of enjoying music. Having a levitating Orb along with a […]

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