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MummyPod Hammock Sleeping Bag System

MummyPod will let you sleep on the terrain or in the trees without any problem. The Mummypod product is the first ever designed for both hammock and camping. It is available in a compression bag the same as any regular sleeping bag. However, the foot box easily opens to let a hammock through it. As soon as […]

Patagonia’s First Full Sleeping Bag

Yvon Chouinard, the co-founder of Patagonia an outdoor clothing company, made a mummy-style sleeping bag for himself 45 years ago. It is a simple and custom made sleeping bag with overstuffed channels and a straight down zipper at the center front to allow for easy cooking and belaying. During that time, it was part of […]

Zipperless Sleeping Bag

Meet Nozipp, a business named after its debut item — a zipperless sleeping bag. In place of a zipper enclosure, the suitably named NoZipp sleeping bag makes use of a structure of magnets to stay shut and help you stay warm. This pack is ultralight and graded for as low as 15-degree Fahrenheit temperatures. This […]

Star Wars Wearable Sleeping Bags

Perfect for camping or any other adventure, the Star Wars Wearable Sleeping Bags are your one true friend in the cold dark night. They are available in Chewbacca, Darth Vader varieties and are graded to 40°F. It features removable booties enabling you to put on your own shoes or have them on for warm slumbering. […]

Wearable Sleeping Bag for Camping

Looking for a new sleeping bag which is more functional while roughing it outdoors? The Evrgrn Crash Sack is all you need. It is actually a multi-purpose sleeping bag that mixes the coat and the sleeping bag. The fun bag attributes arm holes which help you grab what you need around camp, this makes getting […]