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Morf Board Modular Deck Skateboard Scooter Bounce Board Balance

It seems like a typical skateboard – the one that kids can use and execute some basic tricks with. Except, the Morf Board will also turn into a kick scooter, a bouncing platform, and a balance board, letting you utilize the same deck for various kinds of play. The deck on this board features two […]

Boosted Mini Electric Skateboard

Commuting to work from 9 to 5 isn’t something you usually link to “fun.” Regardless of your mood, there’s a specifically modern inconvenience laying in wait for you every day, whether it’s traffic on the highway, a congested train, or a bus that is constantly 10 minutes late. Maybe it’s time for you to think […]

Landsurf Skateboard

LandSurf was designed by PhDs in Sports Science and Biomechanics and skilled surfers. It has a revolutionary setup of 3 wheels that enables you to execute particular surf techniques and maneuvers on land. Making use of sophisticated research technics, they have mapped the biomechanics of surfing with an ideal board that precisely recreates it. It […]

Prisma Skateboard Guitars

Skateboards are proven tough, hard and strong material. Junk skateboards are now turned into different sorts of things like furniture, stairs, and giveaways. Not only that, someone found a unique way to turn used skateboard into art. Prisma Skateboard Guitar is a hybrid of cool: rock music and skateboarding world combined. Choose among a wide […]