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Robo-Shark Underwater Drone

A bionic robotic drone modeled to look and move like a shark, the Robo-Shark can get around the underwater at speeds of around 10 knots (11.5 MPH), and move to depths of around 300 meters (nearly 1 ,000′). As outlined by RoboSea, the Great Black Drone also performs all this in a hush, because of a […]

Robot Flowerpot – Moves to Get its Onboard Plant More Light

Tianqi Sun, the creator of the Chinese robotics firm Vincross has changed one of its unique works of art, the HEXA, into an extremely clever six-legged robot flowerpot. The machine interacts with the its surroundings to effectively meet the requirements of the built in plant. When the plant requires light, it will move itself over […]

Vincross Hexa Six-legged Programmable Robot

  Created by Vincross, this is a highly-controllable 6-legged robot that one could use to terrorize animals, entertain children, and captivate everyone else in your home. Coupled with a full set of receptors, the robot can collect information while creeping its way around any area, making it useful to a complete load of possible uses. […]

Cozmo Robot With Emotions and Personality

Anki, a San Francisco-based robotics company, introduced Cozmo a real-life robot with a one-of-a-kind personality similar to the robots seen in movies. It isn’t just your ordinary moving robot, Cozmo is a palm-sized robot with an intelligent mind of his own and designed to express emotions in response to situations as a human would. It […]

Zume Robotic Mobile Pizzeria

Robots have been used all over the world to help humans do simple tasks or even do dangerous jobs. A robotic arm at CafeX in Silicon Valley startup brought a robot-brewed coffee to their customers. The Zume Robotic Mobile Pizzeria applies the latest technology to do something similar with pizza. Zume guarantees a more delicious, fresh […]

Line-us Robot Drawing Arm

We see Robots on movies and TV and even working in difficult and complicated situations.  As technology continues to improve, more robots are emerging with different types of functionality. Line-us is a quirky little robot drawing arm that recreates drawing on paper just as it is drawn originally on screen in real time. This little […]

Boston Dynamics Two-wheeled Robot

Agility, speed, mobility and dexterity are the extraordinary behavior of the advanced robots built by Boston Dynamics. A leaked video footage shows its latest nightmare inducing two-wheeled robot experiment that is no different from their terrifying creations. Footage revealed a hybrid two-wheeled-legged robot named Handle. It was named Handle because it was designed to move […]

World’s First Bi-Pedal Robot Piloted by a Human Inside: The Method 2 Robot

This piloted mech is designed by South Korean based robotics maker Hankook Mirae Technology. Method-2 is the Mechbot-looking machine launched in December 2016, which weighs 1.3 tons and stands at 13-feet. Vitaly Bulgarov, who developed Method-2, submitted a video of the gigantic robot having its first steps, piloted by a man in the cockpit. This […]

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