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Lego Ultimate Collectors Series Millennium Falcon

The Series Millennium Falcon isn’t another normal LEGO set, as it just might be the most lust-worthy playsets yet. The biggest certified LEGO set in history, the model features 7,541 pieces, which makes it probably the most intricate fabrication toy you’re sure to encounter. To put that in perspective, LEGO’s spectacular Millennium Falcon set from […]

LEGO Compatible Adhesive Tape – Use Any Surface to Build On

The Nimuno Loops started a crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo for a new product that will take LEGO to any stretch of your imagination. This LEGO Compatible Adhesive Tape is a unique and original adhesive tape that will allow you to use any surface as your squared-off bricks toy’s building base. You can build LEGO anywhere […]

Lego Boost

Legos will always be cooler when paired with devices. Lego Boost moves into another level, allowing children to code their very own works of art. The primary core of the 800+ item unit is a stud-covered brick: the Move Hub with an integrated tilt detector, which operates with the combination color and range indicator and […]

Lego Chevrolet Batmobile

So, it’s official, Batman is a Chevy guy. Lego Batman is one of the fan-favorite characters from The Lego Movie. To promote the upcoming movie, Lego in partnership with Chevrolet unveiled its Lego Batmobile. Lego Chevy Batmobile is 17 feet long from back to front, 9.25 feet wide and 6.92 feet tall and featuring exclusive […]

Lego Makes Awesome Ghostbusters Firehouse Kit

Good news for LEGO and Ghostbusters fans! This is the legit Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters collection that will be launched by LEGO. The 4,634 piece collection boasts 2 floors with the ghost containment unit, living quarters, a laboratory, and nine Minifigs (Ray, Peter, Winston, Egon, the library ghost, Dana, Louis, Janine, and a zombie driver). The […]