Compectus Portable Bluetooth Keyboard

Presenting the world’s first rollable keyboard that conveniently links to your tablet, laptop, and even your mobile phone. It also works as a set of handy, Bluetooth stereo audio speakers. With Compectus, you don’t need to pack your speakers even while on the run. Simply grab your computer keyboard, and you will love high-quality portable […]

Microsoft Surface Ergonomic Keyboard

Microsoft’s Surface newest accessory is this Bluetooth-enabled computer keyboard created to follow the normal resting position of the hands. The sleek design can free you from wrist and hand tension because of the refined alterations to the keyboard layout, divided spacebar, and its naturally arched form. It will additionally improve your typing speed. There’s a […]

Folding Bluetooth Keyboard Pocket Sized

EC Technology confidently features a cross-system Pocket Sized Folding Bluetooth Keyboard. Owners can take pleasure in creating and connecting across numerous systems on Bluetooth backed gadgets wirelessly. Take a trip anywhere conveniently without the headaches of tangling keyboard cables. The quiet, low-profile keyboard keys deliver a brand new degree of comfort to your fingertips. Always […]

QwerkyWriter: BlueTooth Keyboard Like Old Typewriter

In case you’ve ever longed for the feeling of the old-school typewriter when using a more traditional keyboard, we have great news to suit your needs: Qwerkytoys introduced that Qwerkywriter. Qwerkywriter puts itself above and beyond various other keyboards by looking and feeling similar to a typewriter. Don’t allow the antique appearance fool you, as […]

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