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Driftsun Transparent Kayak

Any diver or snorkeler can verify to the truth that the environment beneath the water is equally as fascinating as life on top. You can now enjoy the best of both worlds through the Driftsun Transparent Kayak. Produced from a UV repellent polycarbonate hull, Driftsun is as clear as can be. Due to its anodized […]

Perception Hi Life SUP and Kayak Hybrid

There are a variety of ways to make the most of the summer, two of our favorites are aboard a kayak and also a stand-up paddle board. Sadly, while they both possess their advantages and disadvantages, we normally have to choose between one or the other. Not anymore, many thanks to Perception Kayaks’ Hi Life. […]

Portable Floating Cooler for Canoeing and Kayaking

Pave the way for an innovative floating cooler with top quality design. CreekKooler is a portable cooler that navigates behind your kayak or any self-propelled watercraft providing easy access to your beverages and supplies. It is a cooler that holds 30 drinks and 20 pounds of ice (30-quart capacity), insulated well and has four drink […]

Pakayak Bluefin14 Nesting Kayak

At last you can possess a performance paddling craft that gives up nothing and requires less time and energy to setup than it does to pack a one-piece kayak over your vehicle and tie it down. For current kayak owners, you need to check the Pakayak Bluefin14 Nesting Kayak if you want a less burdensome kayaking […]

Trak T1600 Collapsible Kayak You Can Store in A Pack

One of the main drawbacks of kayaks is that they are bulky. This makes it hard for people who live in small apartments in big cities to store a kayak. Luckily the Track kayak company has created the first “performance kayak” that you can store inside a pack. This kayak is on par with some […]

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