HoverSeat Hoverboard – Ride Your Lawnchair Using A Hoverboard Motor

The HoverSeat has made the lazy man’s personal transport wheels even more convenient. Rather than standing on a hoverboard’s footpads the fullness of your trip, the accessory lets you sit on the 10 miles per hour toy vehicle. The HoverSeat features a compact aluminum chassis with back wheels that brackets at the middle of the […]

Arcaboard $20k Real Hoverboard Uses High Powered Fans

Looking for a real hoverboard? Check out this huge green fan-powered rectangle which is the closest thing to a hoverboard today. This is known as the ArcaBoard and it is available for sale. The hoverboard was produced from Arca Space Corporation, a firm concentrated on aerospace machines for an exclusive space trip. The board is […]

Xiaomi Ninebot Mini Segway

Xiaomi brands its title by creating user modern technology items with high specifications and interestingly cheaper prices and now it’s produced its most opportunistic item yet: A $315 hoverboard that seems like a small model of the Segway. Xiaomi Ninebot Mini Segway is able to move at about 16km/h, deal with 15-degree slope and operate about […]

One Wheel Skateboard by Hoverboard Technologies

Regardless of the name, this hoverboard doesn’t have the abilities to levitate. Rather, it makes use of gyroscopes just like a Segway to assist you balance along with your feet on each side of one large wheel in the middle. The hoverboard is run by an electric motor that comes after you lean to speed up […]

The Lexus Hoverboard Footage

Lexus teased the world about their hoverboard for a month. Making people thrilled and fired up while waiting for its release.  And now finally, they revealed its real, live, functioning hoverboard. It might not be very futuristic, but it’s still an awesome satisfying ride and a great breakthrough for the enthusiasts.  Visualize, for a moment, […]

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