Wood Burning Hot Tub – Uses a Small Fire to Heat Water

Tired of spending money every month to run a hot tub you hardly utilize? The Wood Burning Hot Tub is so easy to use, simply turn on the hose and load the tub, apply two sticks to create a fire, and you will have yourself an all natural hot tub that is simply run by […]

Alfi Wood Burning Hot Tub

The FireHotTub is a surefire jaw dropper when you see it the first time. The Alfi Wood Burning Hot Tub enables you to delight in a hot bath utterly anywhere in your yard through the use of natural firewood stove to warm the water. Put it to use in your yard or even bring it on a […]

The Hot Tub Hammock

This may be the best combination ever made! The Hydro Hammock is a waterbed, a hammock, a shower, a hot tub, and mini pool. It is possible to hang it from a tree or dig a hole on the beach and bury it in the fine sand or snow. So long as you have a supply of […]

Hot Tub Boat

Do you have a plain old and ordinary hot tub? Why not make it float and navigate the seas with it. Yes, you heard it right. The HotTug is a motor-driven wood-fired hot tub for you and 4 of your buddies to enjoy. It’s technically a boat and is built from wood with polyester fiber. Simply […]

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