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Cowboy Electric Bicycle

The Cowboy Electric Bicycle offers an incredibly stealthy look and a cluster of powerful, remarkable design functions that will make your travel commute a piece of cake. The streamlined and impressive e-bike is built with a 252 WH, key-secured electric battery, concealed in the seat post, providing around 30 miles of unaided range from a […]

Razor RSF350 Electric Bike Built Especially For Kids

The Razor RSF350 Electric Bike is an underpowered and kid-sized motorbike created for ages 13 and up. It appears and feels like a true motorcycle, while going even slower as compared to most electric skateboards, making sure it will lead to a ride that’s both enjoyable and secure for your children. To put it simply, […]

The Load eBike

For an improved all-around eBike, a German eBike manufacturer, Riese & Muller, has created The Load. The innovative eBike features a big loading space that handles a variety of functions. This bike is perfect for shopping bags, pets, kids and everything in between. The greatest feature is the storage space setup and side walls ahead […]

Rungu Electric Juggernaut Fat Tire Off Road e-Bicycle

Made in the US, the Rungu Electric Juggernaut is easily the most highly effective Portable Offroad EV in its category. A high-reliable 2,000 W motor works with a throttle and may help or swap pedal power. The 2 front wheels incorporate grip and balance in the sand, compacted snow and mud. The mixture of power, […]

Super 73 Electric Bike With a good amount of potency and a durable powder-coated steel structure, the Super 73 Electric Bike will get you around in style. It is driven by a 1,000 watt motor, enabling you to reach a top speed of 25 mph—ideal for urban exploring — and features disc brakes to provides you with with […]

B-52 Bomber Electric Bike

Stealth bikes has created a badass electric-powered 2-wheeled transport for people enjoying difficult routes on the hillsides. More potent than your ordinary cycle, they are made to offer an adrenaline-filled driving experience without substantial operating expenses, sound or high-cost maintenance. The B-52 Bomber Electric Bike is simply an electric bike on steroids. With a top […]

Electric Smart Bike by Vanmoof

Terrible news for bicycle thieves, this bike will not include a lock to pick. Just put your hand on the bike and once it’s verified you are the owner, it will immediately unlock. The Electric Smart Bike Vanmoof comes with an exclusive smartphone app and so 
that you can power it up and secure it […]

Sondors Electric Fat Tire Bike

Electric bikes aren’t created just for delivery guys nowadays. New models are sleek and cool, with a modern style in every shape and size, and made more affordable.  In fact, this is the most affordable e-bike on the market at the moment. E-bikes are great alternatives for gas-guzzling automobiles. The Sondors Electric Bike is known […]