Droneball A Collision Tolerant Drone

  Last year, drone technology took it to the a level with its various shapes and sizes that are available in the market. Drones let us see things we don’t usually see with other recording devices. Recording while flying is breathtaking but sometimes users find it difficult to control and keep its balance. But, we now […]

Flybrix Lego Drones – Lets You Crash and Rebuild

Lego and high-tech electronics don’t usually come together. Luckily, Flybrix combines the two with their creation of the LEGO-inspired drone kits. Flybrix Drones allow you to personalize your flying drone using regular Lego-like bricks. The drone kits act like any Lego merchandise (though its not officially affiliated with Lego) but fly like a regular drone. The […]

Someone Finally Built a Fully Functional X-Wing Quadcopter Drone

X Wing Drone Video This Jedi Master of drone builds, is utterly amazing. He builds his DIY drones by using quadcopter drone frames and sculpted foam pieces. This time he’s a created Star Wars X-wing drone that is controlled via Remote Control. Seeing it fly is truly awesome and takes you even closer your sci-fi […]

Mini Drone

Worlds Smallest Quadcopter – The Nano Drone

Bigger is not always better. This Nano drone provides just as much fun as the larger versions. It surprisingly has the same maneuverability of a high-end drone. While at the same time won’t cost you a lot of money ($30). What’s even better is that you can fly this little nugget of joy indoors. That […]

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