Drone vs. Airplane Wing

For those who have any doubts that flying drone close to aircraft was a nasty idea, check out this video footage from the University of Dayton Research Institute, who not long ago carried out a test to observe simply how much harm a drone might do to a plane wing at even a comparatively slow […]

VIDEO: LifeGuard Drone Rescues Swimmer in Spain

Seven swimmers enjoying the beach were swept out to the sea about 70 meters (230 feet) from a beach in the port of Sagunto in Spain. They signaled to one of the lifeguards who sent an onsite Auxdron Lifeguard Drone to check on them. The drone controlled by the lifeguard immediately performed the rescue to […]

Airlango Mystic Drone – Created for Autonomous Flight – Smartest Drone Under $500

The Airlango Mystic drone delivers a lot of features at a substantially lower pricing. Referred to as “the most sophisticated AI-powered drone,” the unit offers what seems to be an exceptional quantity of AI functions in a compact quadcopter. From soaring high and gesture interface to face ID and self-supporting photo capture, it has to […]

Skydio R1 Autonomous Drone Dodges Obstacles With Just Using Live Video Footage

The Skydio R1’s self-supporting flight technology is innovative enough that it can stay out of obstacles just using live camera video footage, so there is no reason for the drone to use Global Positioning System to create a map before taking a total autonomous flight. A dozen navigation cameras (like ones that look up and […]

Combat Changer: Duke Robotics TIKA Drone – Can Carry and Shoot A Variety of Guns and Grenade Launchers

Duke Robotics, a Florida-based startup, has released the TIKAD, a specially made multirotor that can undoubtedly carry and fire a variety of military weapons, like semi-automatic rifles and even grenade launchers. Raziel Atuar, the co-founder, is an ex-Special Mission Unit commander who was motivated to create this drone program after going through the trouble of […]

The Cleo Drone – Palm Sized with a Single Propeller

The Cleo Drone features a distinctive design that utilizes just a single propeller enclosed by a donut-like housing. That form concept makes it incredibly secure, which makes it the perfect drone for indoor use. It’s safe, the truth is, that you can pick up the drone while in flight in mid-air without harming your hands […]

DIY Kit Lets You Build A Lego Drone That’s Stabilized with a Gyro

Your LEGO pieces can now fly high in the air with the help of this Force Flyers Lego Drone. It is easy to build and provides a six-axis gyro with an advanced auto-flight setting and the capacity to do 360-degree turn trick flips. Charge the drone using USB which means you can take it anywhere without fearing the battery […]

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