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Yeti Tundra Haul Towable Cooler

Yeti Tundra Haul Towable Cooler is now more handheld than ever, possessing a couple of wheels and a tow handle for conveniently dragging it around. Regardless of whether you are tailgating in the parking lot, hanging out at the beach, or perhaps car camping in the woods, this thing can make moving the beverages around […]

The Sobro Coffee Table Cooler

Sobro Coffee Table Cooler is a coffee table designed with a built-in fridge drawer and a tempered glass top. Made by the same team who created the pancake maker robot, PancakeBot. There’s no need to get up and snatch your refreshments in the kitchen because drinking your much loved cold beverage while relaxing and watching […]

Top 10 Best Coolers

Coolers are almost everywhere. From the vacation cabin to the fishing vessel, or the campground to the backyard barbeque, it’s challenging to go more than a day in the summer without locating at least one cooler. Regardless of whether you will be going on an overnight exploration or a week-long adventure, if you find yourself […]

Portable Sports Drink Chiller

No one likes warm beer and putting ice on your drinks to make it cold totally affects the flavor. The helps you cool your drinks faster than putting it on a chiller. It clips onto  the top of a warm drink. It is then put on ice, spins your drink, and cooling it 20 times more […]

Naked Cooler

The Naked Cooler is no ordinary cooler. It has windows on the sides of it to enable you to observe what exactly is inside of it before you open it up. Rather than flipping through coolers filled with juice boxes, water, prune juice, and soda, just take a look at the windows to the side […]