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Z Lok Combo Ziptie Bike Lock

A year ago we found out about Hiplok’s Z Lok; a zip-tie-style steel locking mechanism built to momentarily secure your bicycle when you are not going far off from it (like when you check out a coffee shop). Today, Hiplok has modified it, with the Z Lok Combo. The problem with the original style is […]

Tex-Lock Bike Lock

Tex-Lock boasts a multi-layer all-textile design, allowing it to be lighter in weight than comparably-sized wires. It is not the same as other textiles that can’t endure lethal cutting blades and razor-sharp bolt cutters. However, this lock offers a strength similar to steel, which enables it to protect your bicycle just as capable as any […]

Skunklock a Bike Lock that Sprays Vomit

The $120 SKUNKLOCK is a solidified medium-carbon metal U-Lock that is as tough to jeopardize as the most powerful bike locks, and includes a surprise: it is pressurized inside with a harmful chemical deterrent that slams the prospective thief with noxious chemicals. The substances are so unappealing they stimulate vomit in most cases and may force […]

Interlock Built-in Seat Post Bike Lock

Locks are hefty, bulky, and bothersome to carry where you go.  For those who want to secure their bicycles, InterLock has a campaign presently going for a built-in seat bicycle lock that ought to keep the majority of awesome commuter bicycles reasonably secure. The InterLock conceals within your bike structure through the bicycle seat post. It […]

Linka Self Locking Bike Lock

What if you don’t have something to lock your bike to? Enter LINKA, it’s a self locking bike lock that doesn’t need a structure. It basically locks your wheel to make your bike immobile, with only the touch of a button. You can control the lock using your smartphone or use a 4-digit pin on […]

5 Best Bike Locks

You can lock a car, set an immobilizer, turn on an alarm and it can still get stolen from you. So, what chance do you have at protecting a bike? The truth is, your ability to protect your bike is limited and if you skimp on your bike security by getting a cheap cable bike […]

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