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Alpen Bike Capsule Mini Garage Bicycle – Finally A Proper Home For Your Bike

The Alpen Bike Capsule is a perfect mini-garage for your bicycle. It is a storage rig includes a pod capsule that is sized to suit one bicycle. No, it won’t quite fit two-wheelers of absurd size, but it should manage pretty much any normal bicycle. Just to be accurate, it is built for bicycles with […]

Monkey Faction Capuchin Bicycle

Riding a bicycle helps you live an easy and healthy life. If you’re looking for a fun and easy to ride bike, the new Monkey Faction Capuchin is right for you. Designed with the riding toughness of a mountain bike combined with the easy on-and-off access of a scooter, this bike will surely stand out. […]

Kwiggle Foldable Bike

  Bicycles are definitely an irreplaceable means of transportation, they can easily go from one point to another. You can commonly see conventional bikes used for daily commuting and recreational riding but safe storage is always an issue. Don’t have enough space for storage? Check out Kwiggle. This is a foldable bicycle you can take anywhere […]

Bird of Prey Bicycle

A new brand known as Bird of Prey is making a remarkable innovation in the bicycle design. Instead of laying sitting up, the Bird of Prey Bicycle places bikers in a Superman style driving posture. This position enables riders to quickly observe the road the ahead, and yet providing many favorable elements–like enhanced aerodynamics and […]

Road Bike Freestyle with Vittorio Brumotti

When you think of the common bike riders, you think of Tour De France bicycle racing or a triathlon. However, not every rider can finish first and grab the trophy. Rather, extreme cyclists like Vittorio Brumotti are bursting borders through freestyle with a road bike. In this video, Brumotti did a two significantly different types […]