Echo Spot Alarm Clock – The Cutest Looking Amazon Alexa Device

Designed just like spherical alarm clocks, the gadget mixes the small form element with a round 2.5-inch screen that can show some data to make sure you keep updated the whole day. It may also play video clips just like the Echo Show. Apart from the screen, the Amazon Echo Spot also features a front-facing […]

Shock Alarm Clock

Everyone knows how annoying it is to get up to an alarm, regardless of whether it beeps, buzzes, or rings. The Shock Clock was built to make sure you never need to listen to that sound for a second time. It does so by teaching your body to get up earlier, utilizing a wrist-mounted device […]

Pavlok Shock Clock Alarm Clock

Many people find it hard to wake up in the morning even with multiple alarm clocks. One of the latest Indiegogo-funded technologies is the Pavlok Shock Clock Alarm Clock which promises that, by its distinctive way of classical conditioning, it will transform night owls into morning folks. Built to forcefully wake you up, this product will […]

The Ruggie Alarm Clock Won’t Stop Until You Stand On It

The Ruggie alarm clock is built into a rug that only switches off once you stand on it with both feet for 3 seconds or longer. It is meant to allow you to get out of bed in the morning wide awake. The alarm system operates on 3 AAA batteries and includes a USB cord […]

10 Alarm Clocks That You’ll Actually Wake Up To

The perfect alarm clock is the one that is effective in waking you up, right? If that is the case, how can you choose the best alarm clocks that suits you? If you hate waking up early in the morning, then you are familiar about wanting to throw your alarm clock out of the window to shut it up. […]

An Alarm Clock That Also Brews Your Coffee

It’s not a secret that the first five minutes of consciousness for most of us each day includes preparing a cup of coffee. Well to help you get yourself a jump-start on your morning, developer Joshua Renouf has created an uplifting alarm clock that commences the procedure even before you wake up. Making use of […]

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