Super Circle Airplane For Other RC Planes to Fly Through

Super Circle Airplane

There are so many model planes around that can do awesome techniques, but the Super Circle Airplane model plane differs from the others. It happens to be an airplane with a huge circle above the wings, which is certainly the right target for some other airplanes to fly through.

Model airplane developer Peter Sripol from Flite Test developed this excellent aircraft for Flite Fest 2015. Take a look at the video of this project flying over an area of RC airplane fans. Most of them took advantage of the plane’s existence, working with it as a target for their very own craft to cruise through. The video clip begins with a few unsuccessful endeavors, but around 6:45, it reaches the good stuff.

It’s awesome to me that this aircraft operates so well with that model, but it does – even though being struck by yet another plane. By the end of the video, it does collapse dramatically. Nevertheless, it’s amazing to see all of the other airplanes soaring through it.


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