Dad Builds His Son a Star Wars Millennium Falcon Bed That Hangs from The Ceiling

To get his son to sleep in his very own bedroom, Imgur user Dericrw created a spectacular Star Wars Millennium Falcon bed and renovated the rest of the bedroom to match the theme. He constructed the pod, anchored it to the ceiling, and coated the remainder of the Millennium Falcon on the wall structure behind it.

The Falcon’s locked to the overhead interior surface, therefore it won’t be able to lightspeed on another planet, but it appears readily equipped. Dericrw and his spouse went all in, investing about a month focusing on the room’s layout and structure. The spaceship bed is enclosed by an Imperial-like LED wall, a Star Wars mural, and features a cockpit that could be the most excellent place to study. Even grownups would envy this kid for having such cool parents. Only a twin-size bed suits inside the design, but look, everyone has to make sacrifices.

[image source]


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