Sonos Wireless Music System


For the longest time a whole home speaker system required extensive wiring and potentially thousands of dollars in costs. These costs included drilling through walls and mounting speakers while tacking wires down so that you wouldn’t trip over them. Of course this set up was very unsightly and awkward so it is little wonder that in today’s technical age there is a much simpler and cheaper option to wire your home for sound.

This comes in the form of the Sonos Music System, a set up that can be customized for your needs without the need for tangled wires. Completely wireless, the products available in this range can be used to create an unobtrusive high quality sound system that can be used in any room of the house.

You start out with the Bridge, which connects to your Wi-Fi and serves as the basis for your sound system. Then there are the two connect amps that turn your Bridge into streaming system: either the basic Connect or the more powerful Connect Amp.

Once you have your streaming base set up then you can start dotting your speakers around the home. As a small room starter you can choose the Sonos 3 speaker. This item is smaller, less powerful and suits a small kitchen or bedroom set up. Usually most people will have two of these speakers in their room to create that stereo effect.

If you have a bigger room to fill with music you can step it up to the Sonos 5. This is a larger and more powerful speaker that is ideal for your main party room or living room. It is also great for giving your TV surround sound a much needed boost.

If booming bass is your thing then the final option in the speaker range is the Sub. This is the largest of the Sonos speakers and produces deep bass, making it ideal for home entertainment systems used for parties. All three of these speaker types can be connected to Bridge and ultimately receive streaming form your iPhone or iPod. It is a really easy system to set up without the need for excessive cables. So if you want your music in every room of the house this system is the cheapest and best option to get you wired for sound.


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