Snap – The Safest Portable 4K Drone

Portable 4K DroneThe latest drone being applauded as less dangerous but more transportable by its manufacturer can significantly shake-up the consumer drone industry.

The Snap, as outlined by Vantage Robotics, is definitely “the world’s very first fully lightweight 4K flying digital camera.” The 18-oz Snap can travel for approximately 20 minutes while attaining a high speed of 30 miles per hour. The Snap’s blade guards are built to make for a more secure using experience. The Snap’s gimbal-stabilized system merely snaps off and its particular body retracts inward for transportability. Included in the portable settings, the Snap can simply squeeze into any small pack.

The Snap is managed remotely using the SmartTilt app and also with smartphone or tablet. The makers says potential add-ons incorporate obstacle prevention, one-hour flight time, water-proof monitoring beacon, wifi range stretcher, and cellular device for unrestricted handle range.


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