SMASHmouse Mouse On A Pedal

SMASHmouse is a foot pedal made to execute mouse operations, the device lets you move the cursor around and select stuff using nothing but your foot. Doing this, you get to deal with whatever’s on-screen without taking your hands off the device.

The SMASHmouse features a massive one-piece directional pad with a couple of control keys below it, each measured such that they can be perfectly controlled with one foot. It will connect using a USB slot on your computer or linked without plugging in over Bluetooth, then begin using it as your control device accessory. To use as a mouse, just roll your own ankle around the D-pad to make the cursor to proceed, then stomp at the middle to execute a left-click. The smaller sized key on the bottom right functions as an alternative to the right-clicking process.

With that ability, you will be able to perform, effectively, anything you’ll manage to do with the mouse, notwithstanding possibly with less accurate adjustments than you would with normal navigation hardware. Meaning you may want to control the device’s use on those occasions, you simply wish to keep your hands free – not for all those times when you want to accurate control of the cursor. Apart from working as a mouse, the SMASHmouse also features a “Playback Mode” that lets you use it to manage video playback on websites like YouTube.



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