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The Skylight is a touch-screen digital photo frame you can update by email from anywhere

The New Skylight Digital Photo Frame, Great Gift Idea
Staying in touch with loved ones is important, especially for those that are miles apart. The next generation of digital photo frames, the Skylight, makes staying in touch easy.
With all the digital images that are exchanged via email, Facebook, Instagram and others, it’s easy to lose life-changing photos through these mediums due to phone crashes, lost pones, etc.

First generation digital frames were difficult to use. They required a memory card or a USB port. Photos were only available when new images were downloaded. While most people updated photos initially, but after awhile the uploading process got to be tiring, so they were done less frequent. Eventually, photo frames contained old photos.

With the new Skylight, the delivery process and set up is fast and simple. In seconds, loved ones can send photos directly to the Skylight, making them available as they happen.

Product Benefits:

The biggest benefit of the new Skylight digital photo frame can be set up in minutes!
• After being turned on, the Skylight will find available wi-fi networks.
• Emailed photos can be sent in batches from phones or computers.
• The touch screen makes it easy to swipe, delete of choose favorite photos.
• Since each Skylight has a dedicated email address, anyone that has access to the email can share photos.
• Multiple recipients can receive images at the same time.
• Recipients receive notifications wen new photos arrive.

Set Up Process:

The Skylight can be up and running in just these simple steps.
• Plug the Skylight into a power source; this will power up the unit
• Each Skylight unit has its own email address
• The unit’s touch screen will connect to available Wi-Fi in 60 seconds or less
• Photos can be sent to the frames’ email address and be available in about 60 seconds

Product Specs:

• Large 10-inch display
• LED display
• Hi Definition Resolution of 1024×600
• Accepts numerous file formats including: JPEG, JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF
• E-mail to display time in less 60-seconds or less

Great Gift Idea:

The Skylight makes a great birthday, anniversary or holiday gift. It is especially great for grandparents that may miss seeing their grandchildren frequently and feel left out of important events.

No matter what the occasion, the new easy to use Skylight digital photo frame is a must have for families that wish to stay in touch over the miles. And because the new Skylight so much easier to use than previous generations of photo frames, just about anyone can use it. Order Skylight today!

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