Siren Diabetic Sock

Diabetes patients usually do not have sensitivity in the feet area, meaning that they might not realize if a foot ulcer is developing. If this kind of ulcer does develop and get inflamed, amputations are usually needed. The sensor-equipped sock, nevertheless, is made to stay away from such situation.

Created from what the company refers to Neurofabric, every single sock features multiple microsensors weaved into the fabric. These sensors constantly check the temperature of all foot at 6 vital areas.¬†When the sensors sense such type of a spike, it will deliver a message to an app on the user’s mobile phone, advising them to get their feet checked.

If the person doesn’t own a smartphone, there is also an integrated Siren Hub unit that can wirelessly interact with the socks, transferring data to Siren personnel who consequently send alarms via telephone or email. The socks are smooth, are said to be cozy, and are machine-washable.



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