Sand X Armored ATV

Sand-X Motors from Switzerland is a maker of tactical, armored, and exceptional utility vehicles built to the toughest of features. Although most of the automobiles they provide are made for combat, one vehicle on their plan is perfect for a bulletproof sort of entertainment — their SAND-X T-ATV 1200.

The supreme heavy-duty ATV, the SAND-X T-ATV 1200 is constructed not just to withstand leaps from sand dunes, but the gunfire you may get on the way. It is claiming B6 Level armor created for military procedures and medical evacuations. Ideal for saving someone trapped deep in the wasteland, if that’s your quest. An off-road automobile made to truck through the roughest of terrains, the ATV will take any climate. With Kevlar/rubber made track and a low center of gravity, the SAND-X all-terrain automobile is a militarized equipment that’s prepared for battle.


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