Razor RSF350 A 15mph Electric Street Bike Made Just for Kids

Razor RSF350 Electric Street Bike 1

The Razor RSF350 Electric Street Bike is an underpowered and small motorcycle made for ages 13 and up. It appears and feels like a real motorbike, all while going even more sluggish than the majority of electric skateboards, making sure it will lead to a ride that’s both exciting and safe for your children. Stated briefly, this thing won’t put your children in any type of danger.

The Razor RSF350 is driven by a 350-watt chain-driven electric powered motor that offers high torque for a pleasurable speed and a kid-safe premium speed of only 14 miles per hour. It runs at around the same speed as the speediest hoverboard out there. A 24-volt battery unit feeds much-needed electrical power to the engine, which it can do for about 30 minutes of nonstop driving. It is possible to simply connect to a wall outlet to load it with a fresh batch of power to get you back on the streets again.

A trellis structure style and street bike design provide it with an absolute motorcycle look, despite without the exact blast-through-the-road efficiency that makes riding seem like such a freeing encounter. Riding it is same as riding a kid scooter, with a twist-grip throttle allowing easy operating and disc brakes in the back offering lots of stopping power.



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