Presto Nomad Traveling Slow Cooker Portable

The Presto Nomad will take the typical icebox layout from the boxy form and rectangular shaped shell to the cover and the full-width handle. Everyone’s more likely to confuse it for a cooler the first they discover it, as there’s practically nothing to show that it’s something else. Apart from the heat configurations knob on the front and the bands overtop of the lid, that is definitely, both of which people will most likely just ignore as a deluxe new cooler function. And while it appears like a cooler, it is certainly not for chilling beverages, as it is purely built to slow-cook your meal, so don’t assume much with respect to ice retention if you want to experiment and apply it as an icebox.

It bears a cooking capacity of 8 quarts, therefore it should be able to cook a huge meal to sustain a small group.  It includes a viewing window on the cover, to help you check precisely how the food is going without allowing any heat out. The same as in a cooler, the lid was designed to lock down very tight, so you’ll have to give it a huge tug to be able to open, including a swing-up handle to help make carrying it quickly while lowering the platform to avoid tipping over during transport.

The Presto Nomad will cook any foodstuff you usually make on a slow-cooker, from a pot of soup as well as casseroles to roasts and stews, including 3 heat options, to help you regulate how long you have to wait before the meals are prepared. The catch? It isn’t fueled using propane or an electric battery – as an alternative, you’ll need to connect it into a 120-volt electric outlet to be able to use, so you’ll have to carry with you a battery pack with a built-in standard outlet. And also you will have to keep that charged, too, probably utilizing a solar panel, so it’s a little more hassle than normal.



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