Presto Nomad Travel Slow Cooker

The Presto Nomad features a brilliant portable layout that should make it excellent to slow cook food, and then carry it while traveling with you wherever you decide to go. It has a locking top that seals the cover to avoid any leaks, a simple swing-up handle for quick carrying, together with a durable wide shape to stop tipping over at transport.

On the side of the slow cooker is a small whiteboard that allows you to write everything you cooked inside the pot, so one and all knows what’s inside and never have to do any investigating.

The handy slow cooker provides an 8 qt capacity that will feed an entire team, it features a viewing window on top to quickly see what’s inside and never have to take away the cover, and the tool holder works as a spoon rest which means you don’t get any areas filthy. You can easily remove the cover and pot for easy cleaning.



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