Poppin QT Privacy Chair

Poppin QT Privacy Chair 1

The Poppin QT Privacy Lounge Chair chair has three high walls will help you stay concealed from the world at large, which makes it the ideal furniture to block disturbances and motivate prolonged concentration.

The Poppin QT Privacy Lounge Chair features a stable wood structure, with the walls stuffed with sheets of foam and fiber to provide a gentle and springy cushin, while assisting to soak up some of the outside noise trying to get into your bubble. There’s no exact measure about how much sound this can undoubtedly hinder noise, but same setups we’ve seen do typically impair a considerable chunk of ambient sounds. Except if you have a tall body, this thing is made to completely conceal you from the scene while sitting inside, so colleagues won’t even know who’s on the couch unless they rudely make a peek inside.

Of course, it’s still merely a chair, so you must find a matching desk if you use this for work. Just toss an ottoman on the front, as well, to help you put your feet up while responding to emails, writing a research report, or wasting some time on Facebook.



Poppin QT Privacy Chair 2

Poppin QT Privacy Chair 3

Poppin QT Privacy Chair 4


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