Charbroil Big Easy Oil Less Turkey Fryer


Summer is over! Yes, it’s upsetting. However, we’re about to head towards a time of the year filled with football and awesome binge eating. And if you are among the many unlucky people who haven’t had the satisfaction of tasting a fried turkey then make sure to take a look at the Charbroil Big Easy Oil Less Turkey Fryer.

The Charbroil Turkey Fryer will allow turkey lovers to fry a whole bird without the risks of utilizing a dangerous vat of boiling oil. In addition to fire risk, getting rid of unimaginable oil stains on the deck area is no picnic either.

Now safety and an all around great experience is all achievable due to Char-Broil’s TRU-Infrared technological innovation. It offers a rotary ignition, driven by propane, and includes a detachable grease tray to create cleanup easy as pie. Fry turkeys as much as 16 lbs, or choose roasted chickens or beef if that’s a lot more your extravagant on Turkey Day.




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