Nuada Hand Strength Enhancing Glove

Nuada Hand Strength Enhancing Glove 1

Nuada can offer support in hand gripping, pushing, lifting, and pulling power for those who have dropped some or most of theirs, or for those who just want efficiency enhancement without exhaustion and pressure at work or even during athletic activities. This is a potentially life-changing element of technology.

In case the Nuada displays consistent with its concept, it is going to be a thin, versatile, comfortable, and nonintrusive wearable. Nuada possesses a system of integrated muscles to assist the user’s hand as required. Holding, particularly, will be much simpler with Nuada help. Tendons will link up a rechargeable foundation at the wrist, operating as both their energy source and a tracker that gathers metrics on pulling energy, steadiness while pulling, heart rate, etc. that users can examine and anlayze.

Nuada Hand Strength Enhancing Glove 2

Nuada Hand Strength Enhancing Glove 4


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